Give your baseball and softball team the edge it needs to succeed this upcoming season with the SMUSHBALL.

The most innovative and effective product to HIT the baseball industry in years!!!
Here are common problems Coaches and Players face in the Midwest!


Gym time is precious and making sure you use all of your allotted space is critically important


Even though you may be allowed to use the Gym or other practice facility, many schools and organizations will NOT allow you to use League balls or Easton balls in fear of damage to the floors, windows, scuff marks, and player safety concerns.

SMUSHBALL solves these issues. SMUSHBALL will not leave marks on gym floors and should be allowed for use in any type of environment. Best of all, you won’t spend valuable time chasing around balls. SMUSHBALLS innovative technology caps ball flight distance at about 115 feet. 


- Few schools have an army of L-Screens to setup for hitting stations, and even fewer schools have indoor cages.

SMUSHBALL allows you to setup numerous hitting stations in one gym without nets or cages.

SMUSHBALL was designed with safety in mind, if you get hit, it WILL NOT HURT.


- Coaches and players want a ball that will last.

Wiffle Balls break

Rag (IncrediBall) balls become lop-sided and begin to unravel

Leauge balls are expensive and are most likely prohibited inside

- All of the above factors have a negative effect on the quality of the swings taken at practice!!!

SMUSHBALL is extremely durable! It will retain its shape and its weight even after thousands of


- Due to recent economic factors, coaches and programs alike have had to “re-tool” their budgets and find economical solutions to fit their needs.

SMUSHBALL is very affordable!! At just over $1 per ball, this the most economical and budget friendly solution you will find! Not only is SMUSHBALL more affordable than the Wiffle Ball, Pickle Ball, League Ball, and Rag Balls, SMUSHBALL is hands down a better product.