The SMUSHBALL was born out of necessity. Following surgery of both shoulders, I needed to find a way to be able to throw batting practice to my son and his team. The typical solution were wiffle balls, golf wiffles, and rag balls. As you already know wiffles are difficult to throw outdoors, especially when it is windy. In addition, to really be accurate with the wiffle ball you have to stand or kneel pretty darn close to the guy with the bat. Needless to say it doesn’t exactly tickle when you get a wiffle or a pickle ball smashed off your face, neck, and/or forehead!!! Add in an aluminum or composite bat to the equation and you will quickly see the damage those weapons inflict on the helpless halved plastic orbs. If that wasn’t bad enough, my shoulder would constantly be in pain from throwing a ball that is too light.

Enter the SMUSHBALL. After much trial and error I developed the “perfect” ball. This ball, although lighter than a baseball, carries enough weight to be thrown with velocity and accuracy without damaging your shoulder. The SMUSHBALL is also weatherproof! It can be used in all types of weather. People from the midwest know how volatile our weather can be! Midwestern Baseball and Softball coaches all too frequently experience rain, snow, sleet, and sun all in 1 day!!


The SMUSHBALL can be used by baseball/softball coaches and players of all ages. We at SMUSHBALL MIDWEST feel that SMUSHBALL is a necessary and extremely affordable asset to your practice equipment. Conducting and executing solid practices with focused and meaningful swings will translate to success during games. SMUSHBALL is the tool that will help elevate your offensive and defensive drill work. Good players and coaches know that is not always about quantity, but the quality of the reps you take. We firmly believe SMUSHBALL empowers players to be more engaged in drill work and station hitting. Have a plan, execute the plan, develop good habits; these are all essential pillars of a successful and meaningful practice. As players and coaches of the Midwest know, each and every practice is critically important. Space, time, and weather restrict Midwestern practice location and duration. Time and reps are precious.... make them count with the SMUSHBALL!!!