Performing the below drills, coupled with the use of Smushballs will help your team achieve winning results!

Placing drill– player throws from his knees five yards away from the batter over a plate.  Make sure the partner delivers the pitch with some velocity to a specific location. Have     batters work on hitting the ball where its pitched.

Soft toss– use any fence, wall, net, etc.  Make sure the partner delivers an accurate toss to a specific location, i.e. front hip (inside pitch), back hip (outside pitch).  Don’t just go through the motions, make sure the hitter is focusing on driving the ball and his partner is delivering good tosses in the zone.  

Best of the best– Each player gets one pitch, they must hit a line drive or they are eliminated, keep going until you have a winner.  

Hitting Challenge– Break off into pairs, one batter and one pitcher. The pair is a team, each player gets 10 swings.  The partner is to deliver the pitch from about 10-15 feet away.Set targets in the gym and assign point values to them, i.e. if the ball reaches the back wall on a line = 5 points, popups = -2 points, opposite field line drive = 3 points, etc.  At the end of 20 swings, 10 by each person in the group, the team with the most points wins.

See the Ball– Mark balls with a round spot the size of a quarter.  Give some balls a red spot, some a black spot, some a green.  As the ball is thrown to the batter, have him call out the color as he swings and hits.

FOR CATCHERS- You can also use these balls for blocking drills for catchers, indoor and outdoor.  

FOR PITCHERS- Work on proper release positions or loosen arms & shoulders without tiring the arm.

BEFORE GAMES- Have six piles of 40 balls and have six players throw them to six hitters.  Pick them all up and switch the hitters and throwers. Within 15 minutes, all 12 players would have had 40 good swings each.